Saturday, 20 October 2018

Top Product Packaging Mistakes to Avoid

Using the right packaging for your products is very important. If your packaging isn't perfect, it could create a variety of problems that will end up costing your business a lot of money. To let your brand truly shine, you should avoid the following product packaging mistakes:

Not Testing Your Packaging
Many consumers have had the unpleasant surprise of purchasing a product, then realizing that it was damaged. In some cases, the problem would come from the product itself. In others, it was due to the shipping boxes used not providing enough protection to the items within them.

If you've been to several retail stores, there's a high chance that you've sometimes seen packages that were sitting on the shelves that looked crushed or damaged. This may have made you change your mind about buying a certain product.

Indeed, product damage caused by improper packaging is making businesses lose a lot of money every year. In order to avoid it, you should test your product packaging before using it. Run tests to determine its shipping durability and the level of protection that it provides to the products inside.

Using Outdated Packaging
Having attractive packaging contributes a lot to making your products move off the shelves. If your product packaging is outdated, this could have a very negative impact on your company's revenue. Should your competition update its packaging to boost its usability, you should also follow suit.

Do some research to find out what your target market expects from your product and its packaging. Find out what they like in terms of textures, shapes and colors. This will help you create a winning packaging design that will keep your product moving swiftly.

Failing to Take Advantage of Automation
Using manual labor costs businesses a lot of money. Although many want to do their part to help grow the economy and employ people, there are many jobs related to packaging production and manufacturing that can be automated. Anything done with machinery will cost your business a lot less money in the long run.

Take a look at your operations to see if there are any opportunities to introduce automation. Even small businesses without a big budget can take advantage of it, as there are many kinds of technology that are quite affordable. For example, a semi-automatic pallet wrapper can help a business cut down on the costs of its packaging process.

Using the Wrong Specifications of Packaging Products
This is especially important when it comes to packaging film. Its size and specifications will have a direct impact on the overall costs of packaging your products. The price of shrink film varies according to its gauge and width. If you use film that is too thick, you'll not only pay more in materials, but will complicate your packaging process, as it will take a longer time to get the job done. Advances in technology have resulted in the availability of shrink film that is thinner, yet just as durable as the thicker gauges.

Not Doing Preventative Maintenance
Any business that uses packaging machinery should have a regular preventative maintenance strategy for it. By running maintenance operations on a regular basis, you can spot any issues or abnormalities with the machinery and correct them immediately, before they turn into costly breakdowns.

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